New Jersey Patient Statement Release FAQs:

My statement balance is not correct.

Your statement balance reflects the amount that your insurance company has identified as the patient responsibility.  If you have specific questions related to how this balance was calculated, please contact your insurance company’s member services department directly.  That number is usually found on the back of your insurance ID card.

I paid at the clinic, and they told me it was all I owed.

Our clinic staff collects a copayment at the time of service if it is identified on your insurance ID card.  Unfortunately, they do not know details about your insurance or specific benefit plan, including any deductible or coinsurance that you may owe, so they cannot estimate or guarantee what you may owe after your insurance company has processed your claim.

Why are you sending me a statement so long after my visit?

The delay was due to a system issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience. This issue has been resolved and any future statements will be released in a timely manner.

I only received one flu test.  You billed me for two.

Getting your nose swabbed is not fun; fortunately, the technology our staff uses allows them to perform two tests from one swab.  RediClinic tests for the two most common strains, A and B.

If you have additional questions, please contact 1-833-4-BEREDI.