Free Health Screening at Philadelphia & Baltimore/Washington D.C. RediClinics: Lipid Profile, Glucose, BP & BMI

Start on the Path to Better Health Today

Now through May 31, 2015, RediClinic is offering free health screenings at our newly opened clinics in Baltimore and Philadelphia. These screenings are an important first step toward making individuals and communities healthier.

Why Get Screened

For both men and women, cardiovascular disease – including heart disease, stroke and related diseases – is the leading cause of death worldwide. One in four deaths in the United States can be linked to the disease, which claims about 610,000 lives every year. As with many health problems, the first step toward avoiding cardiovascular disease is awareness.

Many of the factors that affect your risk of developing cardiovascular disease can be controlled. The best way to find out which risk factors you have is with a comprehensive health screening conducted by a board-certified clinician or physician assistant at RediClinic. When you are educated about risk factors early, make healthy choices and manage underlying health conditions properly, you may stop the onset of the disease.

What the Screening Includes

Here are the key screening tests our clinicians recommend for optimal cardiovascular health.

  • Lipid Profile. This blood test measures the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. High cholesterol levels are a significant risk factor for heart disease but usually don’t cause any signs or symptoms, making blood work a critical preventive measure.
  • Glucose. This test measures the amount of glucose you have in your blood. High blood glucose levels can lead to the development of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.
  • Blood Pressure. High blood pressure greatly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. This condition usually has no symptoms, so it must be measured to be detected.
  • Body Mass Index. Calculation of your body mass index (BMI) will determine if you’re currently at a healthy weight or at risk for serious health conditions due to being overweight or obese.

Who Should Be Screened

Most routine health screening tests should begin at age 20. Keep in mind that few individuals will have low risk levels in all areas. If your screening results are less than optimal, this does not mean you will develop a life-threatening cardiovascular disease! In reality, it means you can start today to take steps to improve your health through lifestyle changes or medication. Our clinicians can make recommendations specific for your needs.

Learn more about the health screening services available at a RediClinic walk-in clinic, located inside select Rite Aid pharmacies in Philadelphia and Baltimore/Washington D.C.

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