Plenity Review 2023 – Does Plenity Really Work For Weight Loss?

This article aims to give a Plenity review and compare it with PhenQ to offer customers honest information about weight reduction by using both of these products. Gelesis, a biotechnology company, developed Plenity as a weight-loss medication.

It is the first and only weight management solution FDA-approved to aid in weight loss without requiring users to follow strict diets or engage in more strenuous activity. 

The supplement is created with plant-based ingredients and is frequently consumed as pills. Plenity review states that inflating in the stomach causes users to feel full more quickly, which can decrease calorie consumption and subsequent weight loss.

Clinical trials for Plenity in 2021 revealed no major adverse effects and an average 10% reduction in body weight among patients over a 12-week timeframe. 

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In 2023, Plenity will probably continue to be a popular weight-loss option and will be regarded as a safe, natural supplement. The evidence that is now available on Plenity and its potential application in the management of obesity is summarized in the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) Plenity review for 2023.

Plenity’s safety, effectiveness, acceptability, cost-effectiveness, and potential long-term impacts are among the review’s significant conclusions. 

Plenity is a glucomannan and cellulose-based low-calorie dietary supplement developed by Gelesis, Inc. According to the analysis, the majority of trials showed plenity to be safe, well-tolerated and linked to weight loss and better glycemic control in those with prediabetes and diabetes.

Plenity review also emphasizes Plenity’s minimal possibility of long-term issues or negative consequences from using it, but its effectiveness is still questionable. 

How does it work?

Plenity works relatively simply: the gel-forming chemical expands in the stomach to produce a gel-like substance, inducing a feeling of fullness that prevents food consumption. This lowers calorie consumption overall, which causes weight loss.

This product was created to make weight loss more successful for people with trouble sticking to a conventional diet and exercise plan.

Plenity review asserts that the capsules break down in the stomach when consumed orally with a meal, releasing these particles. When a person is fully hydrated, the individual non-clustering hydrogel particles occupy around one-fourth of stomach volume.

The gel particles combine with the food that is consumed to increase the volume and viscosity of the stomach and small intestine, which encourages satiety and fullness. 

The gel particles keep their three-dimensional shape and material properties throughout their passage through the small intestine.

However, the hydrogel is partially degraded by enzymes as it reaches the large intestine, losing most of its ability to absorb nutrients along with its three-dimensional structure. The remaining cellulosic material is excreted in the feces, and the released water is then reabsorbed.

Ingredients of plenity



The active ingredient in Plenity is derived from plant-based cellulose. This means that it is free of animal products, preservatives, and other additives. It also contains dietary fiber, which helps regulate digestion and reduce hunger cravings.

This substance makes it easy for cellulose to expand inside the stomach. Also, it improves the metabolic process so that fat can be burned more quickly. These are the two fundamental components of Plenity.

Cellulose, citric acid, sodium starch glycolate, silicon dioxide, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, and magnesium stearate are among the constituents of Plenity products.

What does the research say?

Research on Plenity has been promising. For example, according to a 2020 study that appeared in the International Journal of Obesity, persons with obesity who had Plenity treatment for 16 weeks saw a mean weight loss of 5.6% and a mean BMI reduction of 1.65.

Similar findings from other trials imply that Plenity may be an effective weight-management treatment option.

Also, the Plenity review reveals that it is generally safe and well tolerated in healthy persons who are overweight or obese, according to research. Studies have shown that taking Plenity caused considerable weight loss when compared to placebo in both short-term (4 to 16 weeks) and long-term (1 year) trials.

Also, Plenity users reported feeling noticeably fuller than placebo users did after eating a meal. Moreover, Plenity-related major adverse events were not reported.

In the glow study, it was shown that: 

Individuals who used Plenity reduced their body weight by at least 5%.

About 22 pounds were lost on average over the course of six months. 

In a glow study clinical trial, 436 persons who were overweight or obese, with or without type 2 diabetes, were administered Plenity or a placebo for a 24-week period along with diet and exercise. The study was intended to assess the following:

Whether at least 35% of those receiving Plenity dropped 5% of their body weight. In a trial, 59% of those who responded to Plenity lost an average of 10% of their body weight (22 pounds) over the course of six months.

Whether those using Plenity lost 3% more weight overall than those taking a placebo. Those taking Plenity lost 6% on average compared to those taking a placebo, which reduced 4% on average. 

The adverse effects were comparable to a placebo in a clinical investigation. The most prevalent harmful effects were abdominal pain, bloating, heaviness, and/or gas. The Plenity review suggests that it could be a safe and effective weight-loss solution for those who are overweight or obese as a whole.

Further studies are required to see whether Plenity may be a viable long-term weight-loss solution. We must remember that there are other weight-loss medications out there; this is just one of them.

Safety information

More About Plenity

Safety information

1. All products must be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location.

2. If one is allergic to any of the substances in Plenity, avoid taking them.

3. Keep pets and children away from Plenity.

4. A full glass of water should be consumed with Plenity.

5. One should immediately notify their doctor or pharmacist of any potential adverse effects.

6. If one has a digestive issue is pregnant, or is nursing, they should not use Plenity.

7. Plenity should be taken orally or topically as directed in the product’s instructions.

8. Plenity should only be consumed twice daily.

9. Refrain from drinking alcohol while taking Plenity.

Therapeutic dose

Three pills must be taken twice daily and had with 8 oz of water before mealtime.


Plenity is an FDA-approved supplement; however, according to two user reviews on WebMD, the medication receives a poor score. One reviewer claims the medicine helped them lose 8 pounds but caused extreme constipation, while another claims they actually put on 5 pounds while taking Plenity.

Plenity Reviews were positive on its main website. One reviewer claimed that because the product was not restrictive, she could continue to enjoy her favorite foods while reducing weight.

After using Plenity, one person reported eating less at meals, and another claimed to have dropped 20 pounds and kept the weight off.


Pros And Cons

  • It is plant-based and contains no animal products, preservatives, or additives.
  • It contains dietary fiber, which helps regulate digestion and reduce hunger cravings.
  • The FDA has approved for losing weight.
  • It may cause side effects such as constipation, nausea, and bloating.
  • It is expensive, making it out of reach for some individuals.
  • It has not been proven to be long-term effects.
  • On Plenity’s website, locating the complete component list is challenging.
  • Those who have a history of heartburn, ulcers, or gastroesophageal reflux disease may be harmed by this (GERD).
  • There is not enough information on Plenity’s effects on gut health.


● Plenity should not be taken by pregnant women or those who have allergies to cellulose, citric acid, sodium stearyl fumarate, gelatin, or titanium dioxide.

● Plenity had a similar overall incidence of side events as a placebo. Flatulence, diarrhea, an enlarged abdomen, and infrequent bowel movements were the most frequent adverse effects.

● If difficulties arise, speak with a doctor immediately. Stop using Plenity until you can speak if you get extreme stomach discomfort, severe diarrhea, or severe allergic reaction.

● Studying plenity in those under the age of 22 has not been done. The FDA has approved it for use in adults.

The best alternative is PhenQ

Best Alternatives

Alternatively, let’s look at a great Plenity substitute which is PhenQ .  

One of the most potent natural weight-loss supplements available is PhenQ. It combines five distinct weight loss strategies that all work together to give the best outcomes. It is a full-fat burner. It fulfills every requirement for weight loss. As a result, the appetite is reduced, stored fat is burned, energy levels are raised, and the mood is lifted. 

Plenity review says it is not intended for those who want to drop a few pounds quickly. It is designed for patients who are severely overweight and have repeatedly tried to lose weight through diet and exercise.

It’s impossible to even receive a prescription for Plenity unless someone fits that description. Without understanding what they are getting, many weight watchers turn to the illicit market for the medication.

What if an individual has a healthy diet and exercises frequently, but the weight won’t appear? Perhaps their metabolism is slow. Perhaps they lack certain minerals that are essential for controlling their metabolism.

Regrettably, Plenity won’t be much help in such a situation. Plenity review says that it has no additional advantages that could assist in shedding pounds or keeping them off. 

Some weight reduction supplements provide so much more than this that it appears redundant in comparison. However, the possibility of adverse effects exists with all diet medications and nutritional supplements.

The same is true with plenity. The most typical adverse effect is stomach ache. People often experience this because they are not accustomed to taking big amounts of fiber.

Rarely, Plenity may result in more severe adverse effects such as electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. In addition, if you’re not careful, hypoglycemia is another severe risk. Hence, if one chooses to take Plenity, one must be sure to keep a close eye on blood sugar levels.

PhenQ is a nutritional supplement that claims to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy, fit body. It contains ingredients that regulate appetite, promote fat burning, and increase energy levels. This supplement boosts metabolism, turning your body into a fat-burning powerhouse.
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On the other hand, PhenQ is a safe, natural supplement manufactured with components that have been supported by science to assist optimal metabolic health.

It is a brand-new, innovative formula made to support all weight loss endeavors. In addition, it is a premium formulation made at GMP-approved facilities in the US and the UK. 


PhenQ aids weight loss in five different ways:

1. Fat burning: Alpha lipoic acid, cysteine base, and magnesium are combined with Capsimax Powder to produce a powerful thermogenic impact that has been demonstrated in tests to aid in weight loss, hunger suppression, and maintaining all-day energy levels.

2. Reduce fat accumulation: The capsaicinoids in capsimax powder, according to clinical studies published in Bioscience Reports, may help diminish the body’s capacity to store excess fat cells and may even prevent fat cells from growing without significantly altering one’s eating habits.

3. Crushes food cravings: The combination of natural nopal cactus, natural caffeine, and natural chromium picolinate helps to increase insulin sensitivity, lessen cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, and foster a sense of fullness.

4. Energy boost: The special combination of premium, metabolism-supporting substances, such as natural caffeine and Capsimax powder, helps to “spark” our thermogenic fire by exponentially increasing our energy levels.

5. Mood balance: To provide cognitive support and keep you feeling motivated and upbeat while losing excess weight, we incorporated the naturally occurring amino acid, l-carnitine, into our PhenQ recipe.




Clinical tests have shown that each component uniquely promotes weight loss. Capsimax™ Plus Blend, Chromium Picolinate, Caffeine, Nopal Cactus Fiber, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Calcium Carbonate, α-Lacys Reset®. 


Pros And Cons

  • There are currently over 1,90,000 satisfied clients who can attest to the effectiveness and advantages of PhenQ.
  • One can achieve fantastic results with the right fitness regimen without adhering to a tight diet and still enjoy their favorite meals. Every diet and lifestyle can be adhered to by PhenQ.
  • It’s quite simple to use.
  • The primary ingredient, caffeine, may interfere with sleep.
  • Quite pricey at close to $70 for a single bottle.
  • Users occasionally report mild side effects like nausea, an upset stomach, and restlessness.



Take one PhenQ tablet with breakfast and one at lunch, as directed. Never take more than the recommended dosage. We do not advise using PhenQ after 3 pm because it contains caffeine and other compounds designed to boost energy levels.

The fact that PhenQ has scientific support increases its credibility and sets it apart from other supplements. It contains the patented a-LACYS RESET®, a vital component that has been proven in trials to support natural weight loss attempts.

In one placebo-controlled trial, people who received a-Lacys Reset® did better at losing weight, had more energy, recovered more quickly from exercise, and had a noticeable decrease in hunger. 

The favorable effects of a-Lacys Reset® on helping to reduce body weight and body fat and aid in building overall muscle mass have been demonstrated in placebo-controlled studies.

For example, people taking a-Lacys Reset® saw the following results compared to placebo and other ingredients: 7.24% reduction in excess body fat, 3.44% decrease in overall body weight, and 3.8% increase in overall muscle mass.

Our Proposal : PhenQ is the best



Plenity and Phenq are both weight loss supplements; however, they work differently. We can attest to the fact that losing weight is not as easy as popping a pill and watching the pounds melt away since we have worked directly with individuals of various ages.

Making modifications to food, way of life and mindset are all necessary steps in the complicated process of losing weight. People’s metabolism slows down as they get older, making weight loss more challenging. 

Calorie reduction is also challenging because one requires more energy. Cutting calories might have an impact on energy levels, and that can cause mood swings. One might feel exhausted and less energetic after following a restrictive diet.

It will be simple to shed pounds using PhenQ. While Plenity might encourage people to eat less at each meal, it won’t suddenly bring about all the other lifestyle adjustments required for long-term weight loss.

Plenity is a cellulose-based hydrogel capsule that fills the stomach to help people eat less by providing a feeling of fullness, while Phenq is an ingredient-based supplement that helps burn fat, suppress cravings, and boost energy.

While Plenity is a novel way of losing weight and reducing calorie intake, Phenq is more focused on providing an energy boost and improving your overall well-being. 

While Plenity may be a helpful short-term solution to achieving weight loss, its long-term effectiveness has not been proven. Furthermore, the side effects associated with this product may not make it worth the cost. Additionally, it is important to note that no supplement can replace a healthy diet, metabolism, and regular exercise.

PhenQ is a nutritional supplement that claims to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy, fit body. It contains ingredients that regulate appetite, promote fat burning, and increase energy levels. This supplement boosts metabolism, turning your body into a fat-burning powerhouse.
69.99 79.99

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