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A routine physical exam is an important part of back-to-school health preparations. Also, a sports physical examination is required if your child will be participating in extracurricular activities this school year. Be Redi! Here are the ABC’s to know:

  •  A – Assessment of physical well-being. During a school physical, your board-certified RediClinic clinician will perform a routine physical that includes measurements and evaluations of your child’s growth and development. The clinician will measure height, weight, pulse and blood pressure. He or she will also evaluate the eyes, ears, nose and throat; neck, chest and lymph nodes; heart and abdomen; skin and muscles; and the joints and spine.
  • B – Building a medical history. Routine physicals are an opportunity for young patients to build a medical history. Having a long-term record gives the clinician an awareness of your child’s progress and development over time. Your clinician will review family medical history, any past illnesses or hospitalizations, and current medications.
  • C – Charting and paperwork. Ensuring your child is current on all state-required vaccinations is an important part of a school or sports physical for kids. Your clinician can make sure all immunizations are up-to-date, and administer vaccines if needed. You will receive a printed report of your child’s statistics and immunizations for your records. In addition, please bring any school-required physical forms to your child’s appointment.**

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**Each patient will receive a printed assessment from RediClinic with the results. Please be sure to bring all required forms related to the school and sports physical, including the completed health, immunization history and any required forms. Find the physical exam form here: State of New Jersey Department of Education. These forms will be stamped by a RediClinic Clinician and will refer to the results listed on the RediClinic form.