Test Boost Max Review 2023 – Worthy To Buy This Sculpt Nation Testosterone Booster?

Boost your energy and your muscle gains – Increase your athletic performance with a 100 % natural (undetectable) supplement – Is Test Boost Max the best selection? Is it or maybe not – why?

Test Boost Max Natural Testosterone Booster Supplement is a modern natural testosterone booster, not an anabolic steroid / synthetic testosterone product with huge side effects.

It is a 100 % natural blend of herbs and other nutrients that – proven by scientific research – promote men’s health and favor muscle rebuilding (and more).

Test Boost Max is a natural supplement, exclusively for men, a supplement designed to promote testosterone boosting naturally.


Testosterone is a hormone vital to the healthy functioning of the organism, especially in men.

It belongs to the “androgens” and is the hormone par excellence for muscle growth & sports performance in the red!

In men, testosterone is produced naturally (mainly by the testicles).

Unfortunately, however, concentrations of this key hormone drop over the years… from around the age of 30 onwards.

This decline has been estimated at approximately 1% with each passing year.

This is one of the main reasons that many men – as they get older – lose more and more muscle mass and find it increasingly difficult to lose body weight (from stored fat).

The solution is now provided by nutritional supplements to stimulate the natural production of testosterone.

One such that we will see in detail in this article is the Test Boost Max.

It is an all-natural T-boosting supplement aimed at boosting athletic performance & increasing training gains.

Best Alternative To Test Boost Max

Our ultimate testosterone-boosting and muscle-building proposal is an all-natural supplement with huge appeal among the circles of bodybuilders and professional athletes of all kinds.

TestoPrime is a product with one of the most “enhanced” ingredient formulas (undetectable in doping controls).

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Brief summary on testosterone booster


As already mentioned testosterone is an androgenic hormone, a steroidal sex hormone playing a catalytic role in muscle growth and maintaining healthy bone mass and weight control.

This important hormone determines how the male organism stores fat and produces energy.

It also plays a key role in the man’s mood and psychology and in the cognitive functions of his brain as well.

Significant effects on the organism accompany the lower levels in testosterone occurring in every man’s organism, as he grows older.

For example, intense (and usually unnecessary) fatigue is a typical sign of low testosterone levels.

The person tends to be possessed by a permanent feeling of lack of energy, even early in the morning (right after sleep).

Clearly one of the biggest effects of reduced testosterone for a man is the muscle loss experienced gradually over the years.

Not only does he “lose” muscle, it becomes even more difficult to regain it.

It has been proven by clinical research that low levels of testosterone are related to increased accumulation of fat in the body and an increase in body weight.

This is why many men gain weight, as they get older.

Therefore, you can easily understand why this androgenic steroid hormone has been identified with bodybuilding and sports in general.

Nevertheless, due to the natural lower testosterone levels over the years which is inevitable, it is good that from an early age (from the age of 30 onwards) every man takes care to boost his production with proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and certainly testosterone enhancement using nutritional supplements (of natural composition).

It should be noted at this point that lifestyle and environmental factors play a large role in the levels of naturally produced testosterone in a man’s organism.

The triptych of success for boosted testosterone at all times is diet – exercise – natural supplements.

Test Boost Max – as presented below – is such a product promising to boost testosterone and rejuvenate (on many levels the male organism).

However, is it effective?

In this review, we make an effort to look objectively at the benefits and the “weaknesses” of this particular testosterone-boosting supplement.

What it is and how helps the Male Organism


Test Boost Max is a natural supplement intended (strictly) for men only.

More specifically?

For men refusing to age.

Men love to always be muscular and in perfect shape.

For men who always want to be on top and don’t settle for anything less.

It’s a 100 % natural supplement and not an anabolic steroid

It is a natural strength and health supplement, aiming at naturally boosting the male hormone testosterone, from the organism itself and with no use of dangerous anabolic steroid substances.

This company creating the supplement, Sculpt Nation, is a well-known sports nutrition supplement company with a variety of products (legal & completely safe for the organism).

Specifically, the Test Boost Max men’s health supplement is a supplement of 8 specially selected ingredients promoting men’s health and assisting the boost of naturally produced testosterone.

It is an organism-friendly supplement and has not been associated with any serious side effects.

The goal of the supplement is clear.

The natural ingredients of the Test Boost Max formula (to be presented in detail below) aim at a more increased production of testosterone.

Nevertheless, boosted testosterone is also associated with a multitude of benefits for the male organism, including enhanced physical strength and endurance, increased muscle gains, enhanced fat loss and more effective weight control, improved focus, elevated psychology and enhanced motivation, improved sleep quality and enhanced cognitive function.

The hormone testosterone (in high levels) has the ability to provide a feeling of energy, wellness and increased self-confidence to any man.

Low testosterone is a problem for every man, usually signaling the “aging” of the man’s organism and is the starting point of many damages to his organism.

From body weight and muscle mass, mood and motivation, cognitive functions and sleep, to physical strength and athletic endurance, testosterone plays a catalytic role in a man’s daily life by influencing (and so to speak determining) many of its basic functions.

The Test Boost Max supplement contains 8 main ingredients acting on 2 main axes:

  • the strengthening of the testosterone hormone
  • suppression of the cortisol hormone

Nevertheless, why is cortisol suppression just as important?

Cortisol – Also known as, the stress hormone – according to studies is related to and determines the levels of testosterone produced naturally by the organism.

Cortisol is a hormone also produced by the organism itself and especially in situations of increased pressure, anxiety, stress and emotional stress.

Therefore, it’s no coincidence that many testosterone boosters contain active ingredients to fight stress and reduce cortisol levels in the male organism.

Why should I select the Test Boost Max?

Pros And Cons

  • Promote Muscle Growth to Build the Desired Strength
  • Enjoy Each of Your Days with Peak Energy Level
  • Achieve A High Level of Testosterone
  • Invest Towards Better Mental Health
  • Many better alternatives.
  • They could use much better ingredients which could help to improve test boosting levels.
  • For the same price we could buy better product
  • Competitive products are offering 90 days money-back guarantee.

Why “YES”

 It is a proposal primarily targeting health and secondarily athletic performance and muscle gains.

Test Boost Max is a natural testosterone-boosting solution without the use of dangerous chemicals causing numerous side effects in the organism and serious health problems.

All its ingredients are of one hundred (100) percent natural origin and completely safe for the organism, even for long-term use.

Their action is even supported by relevant clinical studies.

Why “NO”

Although the natural ingredients in the supplement are indeed backed by scientific research – the dosages of those selected for the Test Boost Max formula may not be sufficient to deliver all that the company promises about its supplement.

In no way is this a “dangerous” product or a “fraud”.

However, on the market, you can find other legal and much more enhanced natural Testosterone-enhancement supplements, with much greater potential.

A typical example is TestoPrime, a natural testosterone booster with one of the most dynamic ingredient formulas found in supplements of the respective category.

This particular product imitates the action of anabolic steroids almost perfectly, without any of their side effects.

All natural ingredients of Test Boost Max


Tribulus Terrestris500 mg
Ashwagandha Root 4:1 Extract600mg
American Ginseng Root20mg
Cordyceps Mushroom20mg
Hawthorn Berry Extract40mg
Longjack Root20mg
Eleuthero Root200mg

Test Boost Max is a legal and all-natural supplement with 8 key ingredients.

However, let’s see what each of them offers

Tribulus Terrestris, 500 mg

According to Kidneyurology.org Tribulus Terrestris is a herb with many health benefits.

We often find it in various nutritional supplements and especially in testosterone-boosting and athletic performance-enhancing supplements.

It has the unique property of naturally stimulating the production of testosterone from the man’s own testicles (without the use of synthetic hormones) and improving his physical condition and athletic performance.

The herb Tribulus Terrestris is now considered a natural steroid/anabolic herb providing significant athletic benefits and is widely used by professional athletes and amateur wellness and fitness enthusiasts.

The scientific community is carrying out numerous studies to ascertain the exact benefits of the herb, as well as the optimal way of its use.

What we don’t know is whether the amount of 500 mg of the herb Tribulus Terrestris found in the Test Boost Max supplement – combined with the rest of the supplement’s composition – is sufficient to deliver the desired athletic benefits. However, it is definitely a positive addition to any man’s diet.

American Ginseng Root, 20 mg

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is another herb found in Test Boost Max.

Ginseng is a health, wellness and energy supplement that has gained a huge amount of attention in recent years.

We find it in many health supplements mainly because of its powerful antioxidant action.

It is an adaptogenic herb stimulating (naturally) the organism’s resistance to stress and anxiety threatening its health.

American Ginseng rich in ginsenosides affects insulin levels and effectively controls blood sugar levels.

American Ginseng is safe when used in doses between 100 and 3000 mg daily for up to 12 weeks.

The most common (and at the same time most effective) dosage found in supplements is between 200 and 400 mg for use from 3 to 6 months of systemic administration.

The American Ginseng we see in the Test Boost Max supplement is at a much-lower- than ideal dosage, so it cannot provide sufficient benefits.

Cordyceps Mushroom, 20 mg

The next ingredient is an almost “magical” mushroom.

The Cordyceps Mushroom found in Test Boost Max is an entomopathogenic fungus growing as a parasite on insect larvae.

It offers significant health benefits, most notably boosting testosterone and enhancing a man’s fitness (especially as he ages).

It significantly boosts vitality and energy levels.

It also increases physical endurance and enhances strength, ensuring improved physical performance (in gymnastics, or any other physical activity).


It improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood, nourishes tired muscles and promotes their growth.

You will find plenty of pre-workout supplements with Cordyceps mushrooms, which is precisely due to the immediate stimulation of physical condition and physical endurance ensured.

It is an “energy bomb” assisting you to stay “charged” throughout the day.

Unfortunately, in this case, too, we see that the Cordyceps mushroom is in a low dosage, just twenty (20 mg).

Ashwagandha Root 4:1, 600 mg

Ashwagandha is a very popular and very common ingredient in many supplements, a holistic adaptogenic herb used for healing purposes for centuries by Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India.

In addition to its power to boost testosterone production, Ashwagandha offers a high antioxidant effect/fights stress/ protects the organism from serious diseases.

It offers a natural way to manage stress with its anxiolytic and sedative properties.

In the Test Boost Max supplement, it takes on the fight against stress and the effective control of cortisol levels.

It improves the user’s strength, power and endurance, and at the same time significantly increases their athletic performance.

Also extremely important, it promotes rapid recovery of the body after a hard workout.

This means it allows the user more frequent and dynamic workouts, resulting in greater athletic gaines.

Ashwagandha is one of the “smart” additions to the Test Boost Max supplement formula.

However, in the TestoPrime supplement, we find the most concentrated and patented version of the herb and even in an even higher dosage.

Hawthorn Berry, 40 mg

Hawthorn Berry is a micro berry with huge health benefits, now officially considered a “superfood”, found in various health organism-stimulating supplements.

These little berries, as small as they are in size, offer great benefits.

Benefits related to digestive dysfunctions and gastrointestinal problems, benefits related to cardiovascular function, but also more effective control of blood pressure.

It is a very rich source of polyphenols (antioxidants) assisting to neutralize and protect the organism from threatening harmful free radicals (associated with aging and with serious diseases such as cancer, various infections, obesity and diabetes type 2).

Longjack Root (20mg)

Also known as Tongkat Ali, Longjack Root is an ingredient very often found in testosterone boosters because it naturally helps increase free testosterone levels.

This has been confirmed by scientific studies indicating a significant increase in the levels of free and total testosterone in the organism of users of the herb.

However, according to these scientific studies, an amount of at least 400 mg per day is required for there to be tangible health benefits.

Test Boost Max contains just twenty (20) mg, not sufficient to deliver the body gains it claimed.

Epimedium (160 mg)

Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed, works primarily by inhibiting the production of PDE5, an enzyme blocking blood circulation resulting in many negative consequences for men’s health.

Given its one hundred and sixty (160) mg dosage in the supplement in Test Boost Max, it does not appear to be able to provide significant health benefits.

Eleuthero Root (200mg)

Eleuthero Root is the last ingredient found in the Test Boost Max supplement, a natural ingredient that appears to provide a variety of health benefits.

It increases energy and reduces fatigue, improves cognitive function and anti-cancer protection, improve athletic performance, speed wound healing and prevents ulcers, lower or stabilize blood sugar levels, increases blood pressure (when low), prevention of osteoporosis, increases muscle and bone strength, improves the lymphatic function, prevents and repairs various nerve damage, as well as other important benefits.

According to a 2013 study, a dose of 480 mg of eleuthero per day was found to significantly lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

According to scientists, a sufficient dosage of the herb to yield significant health benefits is 300 to 1200 mg per day.

In the Test Boost Max, the dosage attributed to the herb is only 200 mg which is satisfactory but possibly not sufficient.

Testoprime is the best alternative to Test Boost Max

Best Alternatives

Our Proposal : Natural T-Boosting Supplement TestoPrime

Testoprime is the best alternative to Test Boost Max

The Test Boost Max natural booster with a formula of 8 active ingredients aims to fight cortisol and naturally stimulate the androgenic hormone testosterone.

According to Yahoo.com, Testoprime is the top testosterone booster for men of all ages!

TestoPrime – Ingredients

D-AA (D-Aspartic Acid) (2,000 mg)

Crazy Bulk's TestoPrime
TestoPrime is one of the best natural testosterone booster supplement that helps to control men's vitality. It also Increases physical and mental strength, boost confidence and removes unwanted body fat.
$55.99 75.99

Dosage, no. of pills per day

How To Use

How to use the Test Boost Max natural testosterone booster?

Test Boost Max is a natural testosterone booster available in capsules for easy use and fast action.

The manufacturing company of the Test Boost Max supplement – Sculpt Nation – recommends the administration of 3 capsules per day.

Nevertheless, the manufacturers do not seem to provide further instructions and clarifications on the optimal time of day when the capsules should be administered, not even if their use is better done on an empty or full stomach.

Does Test Boost Max really work?

It is a truly natural product, with scientifically tested ingredients and with no chemical additives or dangerous substances to (in any way) endanger the health of the user.

In this sense, it can only offer benefits to the organism.

However, the dosages of its ingredients are not high enough, resulting in strong doubts as to whether Test Boost Max is as effective as other similar natural testosterone boosters (such as TestoPrime).

What do the consumers think about Test Boost Max?

User reviews of the Test Boost Max supplement are generally positive, however, not quite as highly rated as other testosterone-boosting supplements.

Is Test Boost Max safe?

Test Boost Max is a supplement for men, intended for safe use by adult healthy men only.

It is not a drug, not intended for the treatment of serious pathological conditions.

It is a natural testosterone booster supplement manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the USA.

The preparation of the supplement requires a strict selection of quality raw materials and a high level of expertise.

It is manufactured in accordance with all safety and quality measures provided by the relevant legislation.

All the ingredients of this supplement are scientifically tested and completely safe for human consumption.

Nevertheless, people with food allergies require caution, as people taking medication or persons suffering from other health problems.

In these cases, a doctor’s approval is recommended before the administration of Test Boost Max (or any nutritional supplement).

Where to buy Test Boost max

Buying Options

Test Boost Max – Purchase

Test Boost Max is available exclusively through its company’s online store (Sculpt Nation).

However, it is also available from online vendors such as Amazon and eBay.

What you should know is that Sculpt Nation only ships to customers in the US and Canada.

1 pack – USD41

3 packs – USD132 (USD44/bottle)

6 packs – USD195 (USD32.50/bottle)

Payment through the official website of Sculpt Nation is completed in a secure environment with all known debit or credit cards.

Our proposal : Test Prime as best option


However, we recommend a much more effective testosterone-boosting supplement, of a much “richer” formula of ingredients and much more immediately effective power. Just one look at TestoPrime’s ingredient formula could convince you.

For a very small price difference, you can get a much more fortified supplement

Crazy Bulk's TestoPrime
TestoPrime is one of the best natural testosterone booster supplement that helps to control men's vitality. It also Increases physical and mental strength, boost confidence and removes unwanted body fat.
$55.99 75.99

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