Get Your Vaccination in Order Before Travelling: Don’t Leave the Country Unprotected

Travel Healthy at RediClinic

If you are planning to travel overseas in the near future, getting vaccinated before you leave the country may be the most important step you take in your journey. This precaution is particularly important if you are traveling to third-world or underdeveloped countries. At RediClinic, we offer a complete Travel Healthy package to evaluate your health and make sure you are ready to travel. By visiting your nearest RediClinic location in advance of your trip, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

  • Disease prevention. Ensuring you are current on your immunizations will protect you from serious diseases that are common in other countries, and also protects the public health. We provide an immunization certificate, if applicable.
  • Overall wellness. By visiting a RediClinic walk-in clinic prior to travel, we can evaluate your health in an effort to ensure health concerns do not interfere with your trip.
  • Destination-specific information. Our consultations include travel tips and recommendations based on your itinerary.
  • Medication supplies (if applicable). Our clinicians will ensure you have the proper supply of prescribed medications so you don’t run out while traveling.

Get Travel Immunizations Early

Whether you are a new or experienced international traveler, you should always be educated about the environment you’ll be visiting and plan ahead for healthcare. RediClinic offers many hard-to-find travel vaccines, including Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever vaccine at all Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. locations. Your RediClinic clinician will know which vaccines are necessary for your destination.

Ideally, you should visit a RediClinic walk-in clinic four to six weeks prior to your departure date. Some vaccinations require multiple injections two to four weeks apart. Allow yourself enough time before traveling to ensure that you can get all of the vaccinations that are needed. For location-specific travel advisories, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel page.

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