High-Quality, Affordable, and Convenient Walk-In Clinics

Since 1989, RediClinic has provided high-quality, convenient, and affordable healthcare to Texas residents. There are many aspects to each of the three components of our unique value proposition, but here are a few of the most important ones: 

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Getting Started

At RediClinic you don’t need an appointment. Just walk in to any of our 30 conveniently located clinics in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio. RediClinic is located inside or adjacent to select H-E-B stores and are open seven days a week, including extended weekday hours. We accept most major insurance plans, and our co-pays are usually comparable to what you would pay at a physician’s office, or less**, and they are much less than what you would pay at an emergency room or urgent care clinic. Whether you need to be treated for a common illness, your child needs a sports physical, or you’d like to lose a few pounds and improve your health in the process, RediClinic is the most convenient and affordable solution. To learn where you can find the nearest walk-in clinic in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, click here.

*Represents the typical time spent with a RediClinic clinician for most appointment types.  Does not include wait time.

**Most major insurance plans allow their participants to use their Primary Care Physician co-pay rate or less for office visits at RediClinics. However, an individual’s plan, including whether the deductible has been satisfied or is in-network with RediClinic, can alter the office visit/co-pay amount. Check your insurance plan or stop in to a RediClinic for more details.