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Weigh Forward
Start the Weigh Forward Program Today
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We pay YOU to LOSE Earn $5 For Every Pound Lost*
The "Jump Start" Program
for Two Visits

  • Labs: Cholesterol Panel, CMP, A1C, Thyroid (Optional Vitamin D level)**
  • A Quick Start Guide that introduces
    the four key components of the Complete, 10-week program
  • Physical Examination
  • Body Composition Analysis
The "Complete" Program
for 10 Weeks

Includes all the elements of the "Jump Start" program, plus:
  • Weekly 15-minute visits with a
    trained clinician
  • Lab testing at the beginning and near
    the end of the program
  • Identify & overcome weight
    loss barriers
  • 24/7 access to a technology platform,, that provides
    meal plans, recipes, fitness videos,
    food and physical activity trackers,
    e-coaching by dieticians and trainers,
    and more
The "Boost" Program
for Maintenance

  • Weekly in-clinic body composition analysis / biometrics
  • Monthly in-clinic visit with a trained clinician
  • Continued online access to
  • Ongoing coaching and support from Nutrition and Fitness experts
*Only available after the completion of the "Complete" program
Learn the Skills You Need to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight.
Developed by RediClinic in conjunction with Dr. David Katz, Founding Director of Yale University's
Prevention Research Center
Medically supervised
Customized for each patient
Offered at all RediClinics, conveniently located at select HEB stores
When Having the Will is Not Enough…
As you set out on a weight loss program, you should not only be interested in what you are going to lose (pounds) but what you are
going to find—Health and Vitality! When having the will is not enough, an individual on the right journey to weight loss and control needs to find the way. The way has to be paved with skills that enables you to:
• Identify and Overcome Barriers
• Identify Nutritious Food
• Prepare Quick and Easy Meals
• Increase Physical Activity.

Together, on the Weigh Forward plan, we will cultivate those Skill Powers. Our experts will guide you through a unique approach not only to weight loss in the short term, but the lifelong pursuit of weight control and health—while developing a healthy relationship with food. On average, participants should lose between 15 to 20 pounds or more in 10 weeks, but that’s only the beginning… The Weigh Forward plan is the initial step to a life journey—not just to lose weight but to find health and vitality.

— Dr. David Katz,    Medical Director
of Weigh Forward
  Dr. David Katz, Medical Director of Weigh Forward
The First and Only Comprehensive, Medically-Supervised
Weight Management Program Delivered in a Grocery Store
Click here to see 10 Visit Summary
Medical Diet & Nutrition
Initial medical evaluation, including key
medical tests**
Regular biometric monitoring and
Weekly counseling by healthcare professionals
** Cholesterol Panel, CMP, HgbA1C, TSH (Optional Vitamin D level)
†  Health history, Physical, Weight, Height, Waist Circumference, BMI, Body Fat %, Pulse, Blood Pressure
Learn how to make better food choices, whether you’re eating out or dining in
Weekly meal plans, recipes, and
shopping lists
Delicious, easy-to-prepare options for you and your family
All food items available in your H-E-B store
Access to Nutrition e-Coach
Behavior Modification Physical Activity
Proprietary assessment tool identifies your
potential barriers to success and proven
strategies for overcoming them
Pressure System Model evaluates your
readiness to change
Personalized program maximizes sustained weight loss and health gains
Personalized physical activity plan
Access to more than 50 online fitness videos showing exercises that you can do, at home or at work, in brief periods of time
Access to Fitness e-Coach
Start the Weigh Forward Program Today
ACPM logo The Weigh Forward® program meets evidence-based standards for healthy weight loss.
For further information, see

Learn more.

Elements are subject to change at the discretion of RediClinic, LLC.
*Individual weight loss results will vary.
†Results are based on the performance of past participants who strictly adhered to the program's requirements. Results may vary depending upon a variety of factors including starting weight and adherence to the program's requirements.
**12 hour fast recommended for most accurate results on tests
†Cannot be combined with any prior or current discount or offer. By accepting this offer, the patient certifies that he/she is not currently enrolled in or eligible for Medicare or any other state or federally funded insurer. Additional charges may apply. Full payment must be satisfied on date of visit. Choosing to use or submit a claim to your insurance and state/federally funded program, or benefit program (collectively known as "insurer") may alter your financial responsibility. RediClinic coupons, discounts, or promotions are not applicable to services financially covered by any insurer. Prices and service offers are subject to change without notice.

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