Get Healthy Services at RediClinic Walk-In Clinics — $135 or Dr. Office copay / $49 Telehealth Visit

At RediClinic, we are here to help you get healthy. Our walk-in clinics are inside select Rite Aid Pharmacies and H-E-B grocery stores. We have highly trained and qualified clinicians who are ready to provide expert care for your minor illnesses and injuries. Since 2005, we have been diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medications (when appropriate) for the following conditions:
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Our Get Healthy Services

Most visits are only $135 or Dr. Office copay / $49 Telehealth Visit or less*.
Respiratory Conditions — $135 or Dr. Office copay / $49 Telehealth Visit
respiratory conditions
Without proper care, respiratory illnesses can cause a heavy burden on individuals and communities as they get passed around. At our walk-in clinics, we promptly and effectively diagnose and treat the following respiratory conditions:

Head, Ear, and Eye Conditions — $135 or Dr. Office copay / $49 Telehealth Visit
clinician for the whole family
RediClinic treats head, ear and eye conditions so that they do not continue to cause extreme discomfort. The head, ear and eye conditions we treat include:

Skin, Hair, and Nail Conditions — $135 or Dr. Office copay / $49 Telehealth Visit
expert care for illnesses
While many of these conditions will not become life threatening, skin, hair, and nail conditions can be uncomfortable, painful, and long lasting. Some of the skin, hair and nail conditions we treat are:

Digestive and Urinary Conditions — $135 or Dr. Office copay / $49 Telehealth Visit
digestive and urinary check-up
Some digestive and urinary conditions can get out of control fast. Many pose life-threatening risks if they are not treated promptly and effectively. Our facilities can provide the treatment you need for the following digestive and urinary conditions:

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†Full payment must be satisfied on date of visit. Choosing to use or submit a claim to your insurance and state/federally funded plan, or benefit program (collectively known as “insurer”) may alter your financial responsibility. Add-on costs may apply.

Additionally, your insurance co-pay at time of visit may not satisfy the complete cost of your visit depending upon your insurance policy and deductible limits.